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Budapest aims to make HUF 160 bln of tram, trolley bus developments

The city of Budapest wants to concentrate on HUF 160 billion of tram and trolley bus developments in addition to completing the first section of the fourth underground line, mayor István Tarlós told business association MGyOSz on Thursday.

The National Development Agency (NFÜ) supports the developments, Tarlós said.

Among the developments are connecting the number 1 and number 3 tram lines, which run in a ring around the east of the capital, and extending the number 1 line over the Danube.

Budapest needs a unified plan for transportation, park and ride garages and developments on the banks of the Danube, Tarlós said. The latter is made difficult by the fact that eleven of the capital's districts border on the river, he added.

Budapest needs the power to independently levy taxes, he said, but added that introducing a congestion tax was not a reality.

Tarlós said he would support the construction of a new convention centre near the National Theatre considering the opportunity offered by convention tourism.

If things go well in the capital, they go well for the country as a whole, said MGyOSz chairman Péter Futó.