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Bank card numbers fall in Q4 - paper

The number of credit cards in Hungary fell by 11,746 to 1,230,000 in the fourth quarter of last year, business daily Napi Gazdasag said on Tuesday.

The number of debit cards fell by about 20,000 during the period.

The total number of bank cards, including both debit and credit cards, fell by 32,000 to 8,867,000 in Q4.

In a comparison with twelve months earlier, the number of credit cards fell by more than 12% but the number of debit cards edged up 2%.

The number of point-of-sales terminals than can process bank card transactions rose by 2,254 to 73,516 in Q4. The number of POS terminals was up 11% over twelve months earlier.

The number of automated teller machines in Hungary climbed by 113 in twelve months to 4,951 in 2011.