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Warsaw Stock Exchange open for business

CEE IPO Roadshow in Budapest to promote investment opportunities for local investors

“We are here to promote the WSE, as an increasingly important international platform,” Krzysztof Walenczak Deputy Minister of the Polish Treasury Ministry said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

"Regional investors are interested in how easy it is to execute an initial transaction and how promising it will be the performance of the shares after the IPO, “ Walenczak pointed out. The WSE, which is the the largest exchange in the region, is ranked favorably among other regional and international platforms. As of the end of August, the WSE’s capitalization was USD 208 billion compared to USD 124 billion in Vienna, USD 62 billion in Athens, USD 36 billion in Prague, USD 32 billion in Bucharest and USD 30 billion in Budapest. It is also the most liquid market and the least concentrated market, he added. 

“We see more and more cross-border transactions,” said Walenczak. Over the past few years, the WSE has joint the company of the London and Frankfurt exchanges as a major platform for international listings. Over the last 18 months, the WSE witnessed 19 international IPOs.

“We truly believe that capital does not know borders,” chairman of the WSE Ludwik Sobolewski said. “We are not interested in making deals with other regional exchanges, we want to approach local  entrepreneurs, investors an intermediaries. Hungary is a country, which had extensive and very good relations with us for years,” he added.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and the National Depository for Securities, in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Treasury has started a tour in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and in Israel to inform potential issuers and investors about investment opportunities in Warsaw. Top executives of the Warsaw financial community are going to discuss the advantages of being listed on the WSE. Main topics will be the economic potential of the CEE region, the framework of raising capital on the WSE and lessons from the Polish privatization efforts through capital markets.

“Although facing a difficult economic environment, we are convinced that this is exactly the right time to liaise with companies contemplating to go public or to increase capital via a secondary listing, “noted Minister of Treasury Aleksander Grad. “During the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, the capital markets in Poland have proven to be fairly resilient,” he added.

The WSE has a strong track record with 93 new companies listed in 20008, 38 in 2009 and 112 in 2010.