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UniCredit to introduce “crisis resistant” products

UniCredit is one of the few Hungarian banks which was profitable in 2010 and had a good start this year, UniCredit communication director József Sipos said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“The bank’s results were based on its corporate portfolio, which is seriously crisis resistant,” Sipos pointed out. Unlike most Hungarian banks, UniCredit has not closed any of its 133 branches and has not laid off its employees, he stressed.

UniCredit has renewed its customer relation management by taking over risks from its customers in order to support both lending and savings, UniCredit managing director in charge of the retail division Sándor Komócsi said. The main focus of the new strategy is retail lending with the introduction of a new housing loan, which enables customers to apply for a loan before even finding a new flat, Komócsi said. The loan is available for six months after the application. Customers can fix the installments for a maximum ten year period.

The bank also offers flexible deposits, from which customers can withdraw funds prematurely without losing the entire interest income. The bank supports self-provision by its “regular savings program” with a minimum monthly amount of HUF 10,000. Customers can choose from three portfolios with different risk levels.

In the area of fund management, UniCredit has introduced a dynamic asset allocation strategy in partnership with Pioneer Fund Management. The latest two of the four investment funds attracted HUF 10 billion each.