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Swiss franc eases against forint, euro

With direct threat of a Greek default passed, at least for now, risk appetite among currency investors has risen markedly.

Hungary's forint has gained versus the Swiss franc and the euro continues to appreciate against key currencies. The Swiss franc, following a fall on Thursday, has eased even further versus the euro.

Mostly due to this Swiss franc weakening, the forint is current trading at about 216 to the Swiss franc vs 218 last night, marking a two-week high for the forint.

The Hungarian currency briefly visited the sub-265 area yesterday and is currently quoted at around 266 versus the euro.

US stock markets finished higher for the fourth day in a row, while investors are curbing their positions in Swiss franc following an increase in risk appetite. EUR/CHF jumped to 1.2250 from 1.2070 yesterday and further up to 1.2270 on Friday morning.

The US dollar has continued to depreciate against the euro - the main reason why Hungary’s forint firmed to around 182 on the interbank market, marking a three-week high for the currency.