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State Printing Press to hold public auction for 10% of its shares

Printing company Állami Nyomda Rt announced on Wednesday it will hold a public auction of shares accounting for 10% of its registered capital on the stock exchange on Thursday, after which the shares will be listed. The minimum bid for the shares will be Ft 5,600. The packet up for offer contains 147,900 shares with a nominal value of Ft 980 apiece. In case of oversubscription, a further 124,100 shares will be offered by Royalton Investor Three Limited. The shares may be subscribed by Hungarian legal entities and foreign private persons through Concorde Securities Rt. Purchases must be of at least 100 shares, but may not exceed 5,000.
State Printing Press started a private subscription of its shares to foreign and domestic investors on Monday. The subscription will end at the same time as the public auction.