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Sanyo Hungary completes new plant, set to triple output, start new project

Sanyo Electric is expanding its solar cell plant in Hungary and it will be the Japanese electronics firm's biggest in the world after completion in 2008, a business daily, Napi Gazdaság said on Wednesday.

They have completed the construction of a new production hall that will triple its solar panel capacity. Sanyo Electric set up its solar cell plant in Hungary in 2004 and its Hungarian unit sold Ft 40 billion (€160 million) worth of solar cells in 2006. Works on the Ft 2.7 billion project had been started in 2004. Sanyo has already completed a 6,500 square meter production hall at is at its solar cell plant in Dorog, north of Budapest. Sanyo completed its HIT photovolatic module factory at Sanyo Hungária in July 2005.

The new hall is part of a Ft 1 billion (€4 million) investment to triple capacity to 720,000 units a year by early 2008, reported Napi Gazdaság. Owing to rising demand, Sanyo Hungária has decided to embark on a new development hall. Full capacity is to be reached on one of these lines by January 2008. This will double the current output. Sanyo's biggest markets are Germany, Spain, Italy and the Scandinavian countries. The firm is also planning to enter new markets if government incentives for renewable energy become available. (,