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OTP Bank buys treasury shares for incentive program

Hungary's OTP Bank Nyrt announced it purchased 100,000 OTP shares at an average price of Ft 8,056 on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) on January 10.

The transaction was carried out under the bank's share incentive program and was brokered by OTP Bank itself. OTP also said that its employees called options for another 60,000 ordinary shares under the share incentive program on January 10. The bank said its treasury stock fell to 48,500 as a result of the transactions.
A total of 4,641,527 OTP shares traded on the Budapest bourse on January 10, with prices varying between Ft 7,902 and Ft 8,151. The average price was Ft 7,973 and the stock closed down Ft 195 at Ft 7,970.