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Number of delinquent retail borrowers climbs 13% in twelve months to Sept

The number of delinquent retail borrowers in Hungary reached 832,000 at the end of September, up 13% from twelve months earlier, data published by BISZ, which compiles a "blacklist" of the borrowers show.

Retail borrowers who fall more than the monthly minimum wage -- HUF 78,000 in 2011 -- behind on loan payments for more than 90 days are inscribed on the list. The list also includes people who try to borrow money using false identities as well as those charged with bank card fraud.

Borrowers still remain on the list one year after they have settled their debts. There were 64,000 such borrowers on the list at the end of September.

There were 396,000 loan contracts with delinquent corporate borrowers at the end of September, down more than 5% from twelve months earlier.