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Nordics are investing €100 millions in Vrmac, Montenegro

Group 'KMG Corp', which is made of the team of investors from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, which at the beginning of last year bought from Kotor 'Jugooceanija' 110.000 square meters on the hill Vrmac for €2, 35 million, will invest €100 million ($134.3 million) in construction of a tourist lodgment with accompanying contents on that location.

The representative of 'KMG Corp' Gorgen Abrami from Sweden negated yesterday the speculations that they will not build anything there, but that they will sell that land to Russians. Because of the doubt of a part of NGO sector that with the construction on that location the natural ambience and harmony will be jeopardized Abrami said that Montenegrin public does not have to fear that they will jeopardize the natural or any other characteristics of that area. The land is located on the top of hill Vrmac, under the thick pinewoods with the view on Tivat and Kotor bay. The area of Vrmac, otherwise is considered to be very attractive because of its position and morphological characteristics, with parts of intact nature and original fortification from the period of Austria-Hungary reign, and it represents a spacious potential for development of tourism, hotelier and restaurant keeping, as well as for sport and recreation.

„I come from a town in which special care has to be taken about protection and preservation of the ambience and environment, so we wish to respect that here too. We are very devoted to preservation of environment and we will work as we have worked until now, in such a way that there is no fear that we will jeopardize with anything that beautiful ambience entity” said Ambrami. They have planned to construct small tourist facilities of Mediterranean type with two floors, then walking paths to Kotor, bicycle tracks, a park and other accompanying contents, as well as significant promotion of infrastructure.

Abrami explained that through the development of the project for Vrmac they changed two architects who, as he says, have offered some modern options which was not in accordance with the demands of the investors. Therefore initially in public appeared information that about 700 facilities will be built there, which was critiqued and marked as something which should not be allowed. „Now we have engaged an architect who is distinguished and recognized in the world. He is a professor at the Universities of Toronto and Stockholm, and his specialty is connection of environment and urbanism, so all negative influences, which were noticed in his predecessors, will be eliminated” said Abrami.

He points out that they have patience and that they are waiting for the plans, making of projects and other necessary procedures to be made, because as he says, in Sweden that takes much more time, and it is necessary that before the beginning of the construction they contact and consult 120 organizations. „We wish to hear suggestions, objections, and reactions here, to hear the public and people in order for us to find a quality solution in mutual pleasure. Because of that these days we will have meetings with NGO Ecological association of Boka Kotorska and with the professor of tourism Milenko Pasinovic. We are planning to talk too with Kotor NGO 'Expeditio'” – said Abrami. He says that they are serious investors who for years have been making significant and big projects in the area of tourism, in Sweden, South Africa, and France. (