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Ministry drafts bill on positive debtor list

The draft version of the bill about the comprehensive registry of private loans is under negotiation by the Justice and Law Enforcement Ministry.

The preparatory works are to be finished by the end of this year. Once the proposal is finalized, it will be submitted for approval to the institutions concerned. Banks are looking forward to receiving the list containing the names of good debtors, who, according to major Hungarian bank OTP Bank Nyrt, may receive up to a 1-2 percentage point discount on interest rates on consumer loans.

Data protection commissioner Attila Péterfalvi believes that the list violates the right to preserve confidential private information, and it is also difficult to track who can have access to these personal data, the abuse of which is at stake. Péterfalvi added that if the law gets passed by Parliament, he will definitely address the issue to the Constitution Court. (Napi Gazdaság)