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Minister vows rigorous screening

Both the future minority owners and the future board members of the health insurance funds will be thoroughly scrutinized, said Health Minister Ágnes Horváth after submitting the final version of the health insurance bill to the Parliament.

No company with any competition office or tax authority procedure in its history can have a stake in the funds. As to the board members, they will be examined regarding – mainly – the conflict of roles, in the beginning and later on alike. When proposing two occasions per year when clients can change funds, the Ministry did not want to serve the investors’ interests, she emphasized.

According to the final version, GPs will play an important role in the operation of the system: they will have control over the medical routes of the patients. According to the daily Napi Gazdaság, the founding meeting of the GPs’ national association will be held today. The society has already announced to offer support for the effective operation of the multi-insurance system. (Napi Gazdaság)