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Market cap of Hungarian bourse rises again in Q3

Market capitalization of listed shares was HUF 5,401 billion at the end of Q3, the National Bank of Hungary (NBH) announced on Monday.

Further price increases lifted the amount by 29.8% from HUF 4,161 billion at the end of June. In Q2 market capitalization rose for the first time in two years, by 28 % from the end of Q1.

Market capitalization at the end of September was 60.4% of the end-of-quarter record high of HUF 8,948 billion reached in Q2 2007, after 46.5% at the end of June.

In Q3, non-residents held HUF 3,988 billion, up 30.1% from HUF 3,065 billion at the end of June.

Non-financial corporations held HUF 503 billion, financial corporations HUF 410 billion, households HUF 307 billion - up 4% from HUF 295 billion at the end of June -, general government HUF 193 billion and non-profit institutions serving households nearly HUF 1 billion of the total, taking into account HUF 135 billion of shares held by the issuers.

The total value of quoted shares rose by HUF 1,232 billion due to the revaluation effect and by HUF 8 billion due to transactions. In the period, non-financial corporations and non-residents were net buyers of HUF 88 billion and HUF 16 billion respectively. By contrast, households and financial corporations were net sellers of HUF 82 billion and HUF 165 billion respectively. (MTI-ECONEWS)