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Labor-inspectorate examination of banking sector finds irregularities at over half of employers

The Hungarian Labour Inspectorate (OMMF) has found irregularities concerning 61% of employers and 32% of employees during its first-quarter inspection of Hungary's banking sector.

OMMF said in a statement on Thursday that the nationwide inspection affected 6,829 employees of 379 employers. The authority is expected to impose fines worth more than HUF 50m based on 200 resolutions.

In the case of financial institutions, most of the problems were related to a lack or irregular management of working-time registration or work schedules, infringement of the rules on vacation days or the compensation for extraordinary work, and violation of rules on the protection of wages.

In the case of security companies, the typical problems were related to employment without contract and registration, full-time employment with part-time registration, a lack of working time registration or work schedules, and infringement of the rules on daily and weekly working hours.