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Kraft Foods sales in Hungary reach $63m in 2005

US food giant Kraft Foods had sales in Hungary of $63m in 2005, Kraft Foods Hungaria announced on Saturday. The figure exceeds the company's January estimate of $50m sales for 2005.

                         Kraft Foods led the market for chocolate bars, with its brands Milka and Piros, as well as the market for candy bars, with its brands Sport, 3Bit and Siesta. The company also had strong sales on the coffee market and saw demand increase rapidly for its Philadelphia-brand spreadable cheese, which was introduced in 2005. Kraft Foods Hungaria announced in January it expects to boost revenue 3-5% in 2006. The company expects the introduction, from January, of the Cote d'Or line of high-end chocolates' Sensations brand to play a big role in increased sales. But it also expects more sales of Milka brand chocolate bars, Jacobs coffee products and Philadelphia spreadable cheese. Kraft Foods Hungaria controls about 31% of Hungary's sweets market and 10% of Hungary's coffee market. The company earlier produced coffee and sweets at a plant in Budapest, but shut down its Hungarian production facilities in 2004. Since January 1, Kraft Foods Hungary has been headed by Zoltán Novák, who replaced Ramon Weidinger, who led the unit since 2003.