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Investment funds draw fresh capital, generate yields in June

Assets of investment funds in Hungary were up 1.1% at HUF 3,510 billion at the end of June from a month earlier, the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSz) said.

Funds managed by BAMOSz members attracted about HUF 34 billion in fresh capital and generated yields of HUF 5.9 billion. A little more than half of the fresh capital was from retail investors and the rest came from institutional investors.

In May, investment funds drew almost HUF 60 billion in fresh capital, but negative yields still caused assets to fall.

Assets of money market funds rose 1.2% to HUF 1,382 billion in June. The funds drew HUF 7.4 billion in fresh capital and generated HUF 9.6 billion of yields.

Property funds grew 3.8% to HUF 382 billion as investors bought HUF 10.7 billion of units and yields came to HUF 3.4 billion.

Assets in derivatives funds increased 6.2% to HUF 73 billion. The funds attracted HUF 4.3 billion in fresh capital but lost a slight HUF 50m on price changes.

Assets of guaranteed funds were practically flat at HUF 428 billion.

Assets of foreign share funds were also little changed at HUF 363 billion.

Bond fund assets reached HUF 313 billion at the end of June as investors sold HUF 9.7 billion of units and price changes cut HUF 3.7 billion from the total.

Assets of closed-end securities funds climbed 3.3% to HUF 431 billion on the sale of HUF 15 billion of units and a HUF 1.6 billion drop because of price changes. (MTI – Econews)