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Investment funds assets reach HUF 3,557 bln in July

Assets in funds managed by members of the association of Hungarian investment fund and asset management companies BAMOSz rose 1.3% to HUF 3,557 billion in July from the previous month, BAMOSz said.

The funds attracted HUF 5.1 billion in fresh capital and had yields of HUF 42.2 billion. The fresh capital came from retail investors as institutional investors withdrew HUF 6 billion from the funds.

Assets in open-ended securities funds - which account for 62.5% of all investment funds assets - climbed 1.2% in July. Sales of new units came to HUF 4.5 billion and yields reached HUF 21.7 billion.

Assets in money market funds increased 0.8% to HUF 1,393 billion. The funds drew HUF 9.8 billion in fresh capital and had a HUF 1.2 billion yield.

Foreign share funds grew 4.6% to HUF 379 billion, selling HUF 1.6 billion of new units and generating a HUF 15.2 billion yield.

Property fund assets increased about 2.5% to HUF 392 billion with the sale of HUF 7.2 billion of new units and a HUF 2.2 billion yield. (MTI – Econews)