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Investment fund assets increase 4% in February

Assets in Hungarian investment funds increased 4% to Ft 2,020 billion in February, the Hungarian Association of Investment Fund Managers (Bamosz) announced on Tuesday.

The funds had combined yield of Ft 16 billion and attracted Ft 62 billion in new investments during the month. Five new funds started up in February, bringing the total number of Bamosz members to 178.

Assets in public, open-ended funds increased 4.4%, attracting Ft 50 billion in new investments and generating Ft 12 billion in yields. Open-ended funds accounted for 72% of total fund assets in February.

Assets in privately subscribed securities funds increased 4.9% to Ft 46.6 billion, mainly because of an increase in share funds assets.

Assets in property funds grew 2.3% to Ft 397 billion in February, as the result of Ft 7 billion in fresh capital and Ft 1.8 billion in yields.

Assets of Hungarian property funds alone increased 5.5% in January to Ft 76 billion.

Assets in guaranteed funds increased 4.4% to Ft 104 billion in February as a result of Ft 4 billion of new investments and yields of Ft 600 million. Two new derivatives funds were launched in February, bringing the total number to five. Assets of these funds increased 21% to Ft 4.7 billion.

Assets in public, open-ended money market funds increased 1.6% to Ft 614 billion, attracting Ft 7.7 billion in fresh capital and generating yields of Ft 2.3 billion. "Classic" money market funds, accounting for 67% of all money market fund assets, grew at a slower rate than liquidity funds, with eurozone funds showing the fastest growth.

Bond fund assets increased 5% in February to Ft 571 billion, as a result of Ft 24 billion in fresh investments and yields of Ft 3 billion, reversing the capital withdrawal from the funds seen each month since October.

Assets of the 33 share funds increased 6.7% to Ft 188 billion in February, because of new investments of Ft 5.6 billion and yields of Ft 6.2 billion.

Assets in funds that invest only in shares increased 5.4% in February. Assets in other funds grew 27.9% to Ft 11.6 billion in February, with new investments of Ft 2 billion and yields of Ft 570 million.