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Inter-Európa Bank proposes Ft 976 mln dividend

The board of Inter-Európa Bank Rt (IEB) will propose payment of a Ft 976 million dividend on 2005's unconsolidated after-tax profits of Ft 2.405 billion at a shareholders' meeting on April 4, according to the HAS audited figures published on Tuesday.

The proposed dividend amounts to Ft 139 per share. IEB paid out a Ft 933 million dividend on 2004's after-tax profits of Ft 2.087 billion. The dividend calculated as Ft 133 per share. IEB had consolidated after-tax profit of Ft 2.43 billion in 2005, 10.5% more than in 2004. Consolidated total assets rose 17.8% to Ft 243.36 billion.