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Hungary: Insurers unsure about health reform

Even the insurer companies, who are interested in taking part in the health care reform are likely to say “no” or “rather not” to the government if there is no change in the conditions aired so far, and if some fundamental questions are not settled, one company CEO told daily Napi Gazdaság before the meeting of insurance firms summoned by PM Ferenc Gyurcsány yesterday.

The companies also resent the fact that there is no political consensus on the reform, in important factor in risking a decision of this magnitude. However, the mere fact that all the political and business representatives involved took part in the meeting seems to be promising. No agreement was reached regarding the conditions for entering the market and the guarantees the government will provide for players. The negotiations will be continued on Monday, the government still hopes to put forward the health care bill to the parliament in October. (Napi Gazdaság)