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Graphisoft Park reports €95,000 profit in first 40 days

Graphisoft Park SE, the spun-off property unit of software company Graphisoft SE, had net profit of €95,000 (Ft 25.982 million) in its first 40 days of operation, its consolidated Q3 report published on Thursday shows.

Graphisoft started operations on August 21. Graphisoft Park had revenue of €275,000 and operating costs of €61,000 during the period.. Pre-tax profit was €109,000, operating profit came to €102,000 and EBITDA was €189,000. Earnings per share were €0.01.
Graphisoft Park had consolidated total assets of €35.545 million and net assets of €20.831 million on September 30. Graphisoft Park said in the report that it is standing by its earlier profit target of €300,000 for 2006. The company targets annual revenue of €1 million.
The company's biggest shareholders are Gábor Bojár, Graphisoft's founder, with 25.5%, and Péter Hornung with 5%.