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EU sells 104,810 tons of grains from intervention stockpiles

The following figures show the results of yesterday's meeting of the European Union's market management committee for grains including wheat and barley.

The panel sets export subsidies and manages prices by adding to and selling from stockpiles held in the 27 member countries. Sales from the stockpiles onto the EU market from Hungary were 14,180 metric tons for the cheapest €115.5 per ton price of soft wheat, and 27,957 metric ton for €113.2 per ton of maize.
Germany sold 13,210 metric tons of soft wheat for €144, 10,768 metric tons of barley for €136.02 and 4,075 metric tons of rye for €140 per ton.
Belgium sold only 701 metric tons of soft wheat but on the highest €149 price, while Denmark sold the greatest amount of soft wheat on a fair €132.89 price per ton. (Bloomberg)