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EnviTec invests €55 mln in biogas

Germany’s EnviTec Biogas company intends to invest €55 million ($76 million) within the next two years in biogas production, with 250 locations across Romania currently targeted for the construction of stations, stated Johann-Lucas Orodan, a manager at EnviTec Biogas, Arad subsidiary.

He added the value of investments could increase depending on the receptiveness of partners interested in the project. The raw material that will be used in EnviTec stations is maize, which is preferred, as it does not produce any auxiliary gas. The residue left after the fermentation process has completed will be used as fertilizer. According to the European norms, biofuel should account for 20% of Romania’s overall consumption by 2020.

EnviTec Biogas AG was created in 1995 and is viewed as one of the leaders of biogas technology. In 2003, it started expanding by setting up its own or joint subsidiaries with local partners in Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy and India. The company generates annual revenues worth 550 million euros. (