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Eastern Europe city centre market “large and stable”

The investment property markets in city centers across Eastern Europe are stable as well as big enough to provide good demand, according to the chief executive of a property investment company.

Ewan McGarrie, CEO of, believes that the property market for investors is good in city centers in Eastern European cities, sometimes more so than well-established ski resorts. Referring to the city centre opportunities, McGarrie said: “It's a good market, it's a stable market, [there's] good capital growth and, importantly, it's a large market. You're not putting yourself in a niche at any time.” He added that currently the Hungarian capital of Budapest is “particularly good” in this sense, thanks to infrastructure improvement, finance packages available and the jobs being created in the city. Last week, John Howell, a senior partner at the International Law Partnership, said that since Hungary entered the EU, the main investment opportunities in the country have become “more mature”. (