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Chinese company to undertake key IT project in Romania

A Chinese company has made a successful bid for a key IT project in Romania’s Nokia Village worth about $200 million, half of the total amount China has invested in Romania so far, local media reported Wednesday.

The Chinese company will manufacture PC cases, batteries, cameras, keyboards and mobile phone displays in the Nokia Village of Tetarom III Industrial Park, in central Cluj, said Cluj County Council Chairman Marius Nicoara, according to local daily Ziarul Financiar. However Nicoara did not reveal the name of the company. He said that he has contacted two other companies interested in investing and would negotiate with four more this September.

So far, 8,810 Chinese firms and companies are currently established in Romania, with an investment of some $400 million in the process. China is the 16th largest foreign investor in Romania. The Chinese company is also interested in another investment worth some $345 million in Cluj County, but details of the investment will not be announced until September, Nicoara added.

The Nokia Village covers 90 hectares in the Tetarom III Industrial Park in Jucu village of Cluj County. The Nokia mobile phone maker received the government permit for its new Romanian factory and production is planned to start in 2008, the paper said. (