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BUX sheds 2.1%, declining with regional blue-chip peers

The Budapest Stock Exchange’s BUX index closed Thursday trade down 2.11% to 16,225.09, declining with its central and eastern European blue-chip peers such as Prague’s PX-50 and Warsaw’s WIG-20, which sustained losses of a similar magnitude.

The BUX dropped 349.49 points on a heavy composite exchange turnover of HUF 24.5bn, fluctuating in a 3.45% range between an intra-session high of 16,517.18 shortly after the BSE’s 9:00 a.m. morning bell and an intra-session low of 15,946.72 shortly after 10:00 a.m.

BSE blue-chips stood as follows at Thursday’s closing bell:

Magyar Telekom lost 2.44% to HUF 480 on a turnover of HUF 1.79bn;

Drug company Richter declined 2.11% to HUF 35,500 on a turnover of HUF 854m;

OTP Bank lost 1.98% to HUF 2,975 on an immense, exchange-high turnover of HUF 18.33bn, or just under 75% of the BSE’s total Thursday trade;

Oil and gas company MOL declined 1.79% to HUF 16,500 on a turnover of HUF 3.05bn.

The BSE Big Four generated 98.1% of the exchange’s composite Thursday turnover.