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BUX down 1.08% at noon, dips back below 18,000

The BUX commenced afternoon trade 194.64 points lower at 17,806.03 on a composite exchange turnover of HUF 4.81 billion.

BSE blue-chips stood as follows at Thursday noon:

Oil and gas company MOL was down 2.67% at HUF 16,400 on a turnover of HUF 1.11 billion;

Magyar Telekom was down 1.20% at HUF 496 on a turnover of HUF 84 million;

Drug company Richter was down 0.77% at HUF 34,295 on a turnover of HUF 79 million;

OTP Bank was up 0.37% at HUF 4,015 on an exchange-high turnover of HUF 3.46 billion.

Major European blue-chip stock indices were mixed at midday, with London's FTSE-100 down 0.18% and Frankfurt's Xetra DAX up 0.55%

The BUX's central and eastern European high-cap peer indices were also mixed at noon, with Prague's PX-50 up 0.71% and Warsaw's WIG-20 down 0.13%.