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Bulgaria and Romania 'ready to attract more American tourists'

Property investors looking to Eastern Europe could be boosted by the news that US tourists are increasingly looking towards countries like Bulgaria and Romania for holidays abroad, according to a recent report.

With the dollar trading at historically weak levels, traditional European holiday destinations like London and Paris have become prohibitively expensive. However, the Bulgarian lev and the Romanian leu are currencies that represent better value for those from the US - and while cheapness alone is not enough to make a good holiday, the countries offer a range of attractions for all tourists, said Seattle Times writer Carol Pucci. "For adventure-seekers looking for an escape from $5 cups of coffee and hordes of tourists, these and the other ex-Communist countries are the final frontier for European budget travel," she commented. And as "times are changing fast", with their accession to the European Union, Bulgaria and Romania also offer the usual mod-cons western travelers would expect in other holiday spots. In related news, the Sofia Echo has reported that Bulgaria's growth GDP growth rate is expected to hit 6.2% over 2007, citing a report from UniCredit Group. (