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BSE share turnover jumps 38% in January

Double-counted share turnover on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) reached HUF 676 billion in January, up 38% from December, a typically slow month, the bourse said on Tuesday, citing data compiled from brokers.

Share turnover accounted for 92.5% of total spot market turnover in January. Including turnover of investment fund units, compensation coupons, certificates, government securities, corporate bonds and mortgage bonds, spot market turnover reached HUF 731 billion in January, up 39% from December.
Concorde Securities generated the most turnover in January, brokering deals worth HUF 129 billion. Erste Befektetesi was runner-up with turnover of HUF 116 billion, followed by Unicredit with HUF 63 billion.
On the derivatives market, deals for individual share futures fell 48% to HUF 136 billion in January from a month earlier. Turnover of BUX futures decreased 29% to HUF 57.5 billion and trades of forex futures inched down 4% to HUF 268 billion.
Turnover of grain futures slipped to HUF 1.5 billion in January from HUF 7.9 billion in December. (Econews)