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Bourse turnover doubles in May

Double-counted turnover on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) was Ft 1,823.4 billion in May, more than double April's turnover of Ft 876.5 billion, the bourse calculated, using figures compiled from brokerages.

A single transaction, namely the purchase of Ft 237 billion of treasury shares by Hungarian oil and gas company Mol Rt, accounted for Ft 474 billion of double-counted turnover, the BÉT noted. Excluding this purchase, turnover still rose by 54% over the previous month.
Stock exchange turnover in January-May 2006 was 5,763 billion, equivalent to 60% of total turnover of the previous year. The BUX, the BÉT's main index, fell 12.8% to 21,244 by the last day of May. Compared to the end of 2005, the BUX rose 2.2% by May 31.
ING Bank Rt, which handled the purchase of Mol shares, was the bourse's biggest brokerage in terms of turnover in May, registering share deals worth Ft 547 billion. Erste Bank Rt's brokerage was in second place with Ft 277.4 billion, and Concorde Securities Rt took third place with Ft 189.5 billion.
Spot share and bond turnover came to Ft 1,879.2 billion in May, more than double turnover in April. Excluding the Mol purchase, turnover rose 56% over April. On the spot market for government securities, turnover was Ft 31.6 billion in May, compared to Ft 13.5 billion in April. Turnover of mortgage bonds and corporate bonds was Ft 23.5 billion in May, double turnover in the previous month. On the derivatives market, turnover of BUX futures rose 72% to Ft 411.6 billion and turnover of share futures was up 37.5% at Ft 362.8 billion. Grain futures turnover rose 59% to Ft 2.16 billion. Turnover in gold futures, which started on April 20, was $2.41 million in May.