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Bourse spot market turnover falls 17.4% in June

Double-counted turnover on the spot market of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) was Ft 1,061 billion in July, 17.4% less than in June, but 54% more than in the same month a year earlier, figures compiled by the bourse from brokerages show.

In January-July, spot market turnover was Ft 8,369 billion, 54% more than in the same period a year earlier. Spot market turnover of shares came to Ft 1,024 billion in July, down 15% from Ft 1,200 billion in June, but up 52% from a year earlier. Turnover of government securities was Ft 17.2 billion, well under the Ft 71.2 billion in June. Turnover of other securities was Ft 422m in July, also sharply down from Ft 13.4 billion in the previous month.
On the derivatives market, July turnover in shares futures was Ft 383.2 billion, about Ft 30 billion more than in June. Turnover in BUX futures was Ft 300.8 billion, compared to Ft 290.5 billion in June. Turnover in gold futures, introduced this April, was a paltry Ft 4m, albeit more than twice the turnover in June. Grain futures turnover was 6.3 billion, up from Ft 2.69 billion in June. A total of 1,923,526 foreign currency futures contracts were traded in 4,996 transactions in July. The number of contracts rose more than 88,000 from June while the number of forex futures transactions rose 90.
Erste Bank Investment Rt was the bourse's biggest brokerage in July, generating trades worth Ft 190 billion. Erste was followed by K&H Equities Rt, with turnover of Ft 168 billion, and HVB Bank Hungary Rt, with turnover of Ft 135 billion.