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Banking sector free liquidity barely changed

Surplus liquidity in Hungary's banking sector barely changed in November after dropping in October for the first time since March, the preliminary statistical balance sheet of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) published on Monday showed.

Average holdings of two-week MNB bills and the average stock of the central bank’s outstanding FX swaps with credit institutions rose in November by HUF 81.1 billion to HUF 3,415.5 billion and by HUF 39.7 billion to HUF 280.4 billion respectively, while the average stock of credit institutions’ overnight deposits with the central bank fell by HUF 133.3 billion to HUF 190,5 billion.

On the assets side of the balance sheet, the average stock of external assets increased by HUF 136 billion to HUF 8,528.3 billion and credit institutions’ six-month loans fell by HUF 35.9 billion to HUF 100m, due to debts maturing in the period.

Average total assets grew by HUF 157.5 billion to HUF 9,312.2 billion, and closing stocks grew to HUF 9,104.4 billion from HUF 8,983.2 billion at the end of October.

As usual, the average of the banking sector’s current account balances with the MNB was only slightly different from its reserve requirements. The overnight interbank lending rate remained close to the bottom of the interest rate corridor throughout November. The average stock of currency in circulation remained broadly unchanged compared with October. (MTI-Econews)