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Allianz Hungária to pay more than HUF 4 billion

Allianz Hungaria expects to pay out more than HUF 4.2 billion on some 45,000 claims for weather-related damages filed in the past month and a half, the insurer told MTI on Friday.

Since May 15, Allianz has received 21,587 claims for damages related to storms, 12,102 for flood and water damages, 2,927 for lightning damages and 1,467 for damages caused by hail.

In 2009, Allianz paid out just HUF 2.4 billion on claims for weather-related damages. Of that, HUF 320 million was paid out in the first five months. This year, prior to May 15, Allianz paid out HUF 370 million on such claims. (MTI-ECONEWS)