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ÁKK sells HUF 16 bln worth of bonds at auction

The Government Debt Management Agency (ÁKK) received a combined HUF 39.3 billion in offers to exchange bonds maturing in 2013 for one maturing in 2019 but sold only the announced HUF 16 billion.

Primary dealers offered to exchange HUF 22 billion of 2013/D bonds for 2019/A bonds. The ÁKK sold HUF 8 billion of the bonds which mature in eight years. Average yield was 7.23%, 3bp over the yield of the secondary market 2017/A benchmark. Yields ranged between 7.20% and 7.27%.

Offers were made to exchange HUF 17.3 billion of 2013/E bonds for the 2019/A bonds. AKK accepted HUF 8 billion of them. Average yield was also 7.23%, but the range was 7.20-7.26%.