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Agip invests €7 mln in five new filling stations in Romania

Agip Romania, the domestic branch of the Italian petroleum group Eni SpA, will invest approximately €7 million ($9.4 million) in opening five new filling stations this year, stated the company's general manager, Nicola Meuli.

The Italians announced their intention to invest €36 million ($48.4 million) within the next four years, which would boost Agip Romania's market share from 2%, to 4% after the investment program is completed. “In order to have a comfortable position on the market, we would require a minimum share of 8%,” added Meuli. He also added that the big infrastructure projects announced on the market represent a significant development opportunity for the fuel retail market. Agip Romania estimates a €90 million ($121 million) turnover, alongside a net profit of €2 million for this year. (