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EU population grows while Hungary keeps its decline

Hungary is among the eight EU members which showed a decrease in their population in 2009, according to statistics which were published by Eurostat, the statistics office of the European Union.

Hungary’s birth rate in 2009 was, just as Latvia's, the lowest in the EU. There wer only 96,000 live births, which is about 9.6% of the total Hungarian population, slightly over 10 million. The death rate is also high at  13%, just after Bulgaria and Latvia. Both the birth rate and the death rate are stagnating in Hungary since the beginning of the century.

The total population of the EU was 501.1 million in January 1, 2010, compared with 499.7 million on January 1, 2009. Ireland, Cyprus, France, Luxemburg and UK are the countries with the highest natural growth in 2009, while Germany, with its population of 82 million, showed the steepest decline in natural growth. (BBJ)