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US Global Warming Solutions signs deal with Russian firm

Global Warming Solutions Inc., a developer of technologies aimed at mitigating the effects of global warming, has signed a collaboration agreement with Solar Wind Ltd., a supplier of double-sided silicon solar cells.

Alexander Kornaraki, chief operating officer of Global Warming Solutions, said the collaboration is significant because, while technologies for collecting and producing solar power are abundant, making them cost-effective has been elusive. This collaboration has the potential to make solar power more cost effective and easily available, Kornaraki said.

Houston-based Global Warming is also involved in ongoing negotiations with Motech Industries Inc., a Taiwanese manufacturer of highly efficient polysilicon solar cells. Use of the Motech Industries polysilicon cells would allow for the construction of LETG modules with the lowest achievable price per installed kilowatt.

Solar Wind Co. is based in Russia. The company has developed unique technologies for space-based solar energy conversion systems, some of which have since been used in photo-voltaic applications on Earth. (