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UK service stations the most expensive in the world

The great British service station, that oasis in a sea of endless motorways, has been rated as the most expensive in Europe.

In a new report by the AA, in association with various other European motoring organizations, five out of six UK service stations were rated either "poor" or "very poor" for their prices. The survey covered nine countries and a typical "small meal" in a UK service station, consisting of a bottle of water, a cappuccino, a meat or poultry dish and a small salad, was found to cost £16.69, the most expensive in any European country.

Britain´s service stations were also found to be unhygienic and peopled with surly, unmotivated staff. The AA says: "Culinary highlights should not be expected. Outdoor facilities, the restaurant and toilet sometimes needed to be cleaned more thoroughly. Prices are enough to bring a tear to the eye." As for "surly, unmotivated staff", how surly would you be working in a service station and having to deal with an endless stream of traveling salesmen and coach loads of OAPs? (