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UK: Protestors ‘seize’ power station

Environmental group Greenpeace says 50 of its campaigners have „taken over” a power station in Kent. A statement on the organisation’s UK website said Kingsnorth coal-fired power station had been seized by „volunteers” shortly after 05:00 BST this morning.

It added that campaigners were climbing up the power station’s main chimney with provisions for several days, in an attempt to force the station off the UK’s power network, the National Grid. Others have shackled themselves to the conveyor belts which, Greenpeace claims, carry coal into the plant.

„We’ve taken over Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent to send the message to [prime minister] Gordon Brown: don’t bottle it on climate change by giving the green light to the first new coal plant in the UK for over 30 years,” the statement added. „Coal is the most polluting of all fossil fuels; it just isn’t fit for purpose in the 21st century. The last new coal plant in the UK was built over 30 years ago. Let’s keep it that way.”

An E.ON spokesperson said: „We can confirm that a number of protestors have gained access to our Kingsnorth power station in Kent. „The station is generating electricity as usual and we’re working with the police to bring about a safe and swift end to the protest.” The Kingsnorth plant is owned by energy firm E.ON UK which plans to replace the existing facilities with a ‘supercritical plant’. It claims this will be more efficient and environmentally friendly, cutting carbon emissions by two million tons a year and supplying electricity for around 1.5 million homes. (