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UK: GoGreen fuel card is an environmental winner

Rix Biodiesel has launched its innovative GoGreen fuel card which breaks new ground in the „greening” of commercial vehicle fleets.

Whether fleet users purchase biodiesel or conventional diesel, the GoGreen fuel card ensures that the impact on the environment is equivalent to only a biodiesel blend being purchased. In addition users will be able to measure the actual carbon saving benefits as part of their environmental efforts. Rix BioBlend5 diesel, which incorporates 5% fuel from renewable sources, can be used interchangeably with conventional diesel, meeting the UK diesel standard EN590.

Even if GoGreen card users buy conventional diesel at the 1150 participating filling stations across the country, Rix ensures that it is physically replaced in the network by BioBlend5 as part of the balancing operations undertaken by fuel card operators. Rory Clarke of Rix BioDiesel sees this method of operating as providing a unique benefit to fleet operators, saying: „We believe that the GoGreen card breaks new ground because it allows fleet buyers to satisfy increasing environmental demands without imposing any significant change.

The card also enables buyers to accurately quantify their carbon saving, as Rix will issue a quarterly certificate showing the reduction in carbon by weight. A fleet operator normally using 10,000 liters of conventional diesel a month, simply by purchasing through the GoGreen card, would deliver a 2.25 tons per annum reduction in company carbon emissions, confirmed by certificates from Rix. A figure like this will be welcome in any company environmental audit.” Until now biodiesel has only been available through a small number of outlets.

By using the GoGreen card fleet operators of all sizes can have the benefits of biodiesel available to them nationwide. More businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental profile, many are aware that their customers will increasingly demand it. Rory Clarke concludes: „The GoGreen Card has generated enormous interest, particularly at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show.

This is because, alongside its green benefits, in all other respects the GoGreen fuel card operates like any other fuel card, offering competitive prices, pin number security and all the normal benefits of convenience. The card is accepted across the UK and Ireland and, to allow buyers to experiment with the card, we are currently offering it free of charge, meaning that there is absolutely no barrier for fleet buyers who wish to see how well it works.” (