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Turkey boosts gas supplies direct from Russia

Turkey has increased gas delivered direct from Russia via the Blue-Stream pipeline under the Black Sea to compensate for a slight decline in supplies coming via Ukraine, an official said.

The energy ministry source told Reuters gas supplies from the Blue-Stream line will rise to 41 million cubic meters per day from the usual 35 million cubic meters per day from Monday, due to the Russia-Ukraine gas row, which has affected supplies to several European countries. Russian state-controlled gas export monopoly Gazprom cut off Ukraine on New Year's Day in a row over prices, a move which has disrupted supplies to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

On Sunday an official said supplies of Russian gas to Turkey via a pipeline which crosses Ukraine had fallen by 2 million cubic meters per day but this did not pose any problems. A January 2006 row in which Russia, Turkey's top gas supplier, also cut off supplies to Ukraine caused a brief drop in deliveries to Turkey. (Reuters)