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Transelektro to continue Bosnian nuke revamp

Hungarian power equipment company Transelektro Ganz-Röck will continue the reconstruction of the Tuzla power plant in Bosnia.

András Szabó, owner of the Resonator Group – one of Transelektro’s owners - affirmed the report published by the daily Napi Gazdaság. The firm has just finished the reconstruction of the fifth block, and it is to start the reconstruction of another block this year. The value of the new project reaches EUR 10 million, and the order is mainly due to the successfully accomplished EUR 23-million reconstruction program of the fifth block, Szabó stated. The program was started by Transelektro Power and Environment Zrt (TEK) in 2005, but after the liquidation of the firm, the contract was assumed by its legal successor, Ganz Röck in 2007. The equipment and the more than 800 tons of steel required for the project were produced in the Kiskunfélegyháza plant of the company. (Napi Gazdaság)