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Topolanek: Nabucco project serves security and peace of entire continent

The Nabucco pipeline is a strategic project for the European Union: it will not only ensure energy supply, but serve the security and peace of the continent, Mirek Topolanek, prime minister of the Czech Republic, which currently holds the EU's rotating presidency, said at a Nabucco summit in Budapest.

The Nabucco pipeline would bring gas from Central Asia to Europe, reducing the region's energy dependence on Russia.

The price of gas is just one factor, but a lack of energy endangers independence, Topolanek said. The more vulnerable the EU's gas and oil supply is, the more exposed it is to the politics of extortion and short-sightedness, he added.

Topolanek urged the EU to show with regard to the Nabucco project that it is thinking about a joint energy policy, that there is solidarity between member states and that fast and concerted action can be taken to bring gas to Europe with an independent means.

The Nabucco pipeline is not an anti-Russian project, but Europe wants to build it in its own interest, Topolanek said. It would be a disappointment if Europe would be divided on the question of energy. (MTI - Econews)