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StatoilHydro reports two new discoveries

StatoilHydro has discovered hydrocarbons in two wells in the Oseberg area in the Norwegian offshore sector of the North Sea.

The first discovery was made in a long-reach exploration well from the Oseberg C platform, targeting the Cook Formation in the Theta structure. The well is designed to be converted to a producer within 45 days after the discovery, giving an extremely quick turnover from prospective resources to producible reserves, says Oseberg Petech project leader Trond Eide.

Prospect mapping and well planning was a collaborative effort between the Oseberg Petech team and the North Sea infrastructure-led exploration team, with the former unit being responsible for the drilling operation. Work is currently underway to determine the optimal production solution, says Bjørn Inge Braathen, leader of the exploration team working in the Oseberg area. Depending on the development solution, preliminary expected volumes are around 5 million barrels of oil. (StatoilHydro)