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Shell aspires to be Poland’s second largest fuel retailer

Shell wants to follow PKN Orlen in the ranking of the biggest gas stations in Poland; BP may lose its second position.

Shell aims at 550 gas stations and even 20% market share. PKN Orlen does not have to worry, though, with its 1,910 stations and 27% market share. BP has 325 stations and over 10% of the market. Shell wants to occupy this position. “We reached 10% market share in Poland at the end of last year. The chain consists of 297 stations, 300 will soon be exceeded”, Pawel Zuk, Shell Polska general director said.

The company wants to be the second largest fuel retailer in Poland. “We hope to increase our market share to 15-20% within 3-5 years”, Pawel Zuk added. BP is going to fight to keep its market share. “We will continue to increase our market share, we will invest in new products and services. We are going to keep last years’ dynamics when we launched over 10 new gas stations annually. Shell is going to have 500-550 gas stations in 2-3 years. “100 of them will be our own stations. We will spend (€74.5 million) $100million to build them”, Pawel Zuk added. (