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Shell and partners open Shanghai’s first hydrogen refueling station

Shell Hydrogen, the China Ministry of Science and Technology, the Shanghai government and Tongji University have opened the first hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai for fuel cell vehicles.

The refueling station, located at the International Automotive City in Anting, Shanghai, will dispense compressed gaseous hydrogen for a fleet of fuel cell cars and buses operating in the Shanghai region. The Shanghai government has already helped to deliver dozens of fuel cell vehicles operating in Shanghai, and this is planned to grow exponentially by 2010, including fuel cell buses sponsored by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) through the United Nations development program.

Tongji University is responsible for the development and operation of the new hydrogen station, with Shell contributing technical advice and part of the funding. The station also features an information centre on the hydrogen economy. Duncan Macleod, vice president for Shell Hydrogen, said: “The Shanghai government and Tongji University are leading the way in clean fuels for Shanghai, and we are proud to be playing a part, as the chosen technical partner for this project, as well as in other clean fuels. Through this project, we can share know-how with our partners to help China to advance its capabilities to implement hydrogen as part of its energy system.” (petrolplaza)