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RWE is at an advantage for becoming sixth Nabucco partner

While the partnership of German company RWE in the Nabucco Pipeline Project, which transports Caspian and Middle East natural gas to Europe is expected to be finalized by next month, the project’s seventh partner will also be evaluated.

“We have made significant progress with respect to the selection of the sixth partner for the Nabucco project. Yet, there are certain points that need to be clarified and enlightened regarding the issue. We demand assurance for certain aspects. The process will soon be finalized when our assurances are met,” said a senior Energy Ministry official while answering Reuters questions.

“RWE is more advantageous compared to Gaz de France (GDF) in terms of becoming a partner in the Nabucco project,” said the official. He stated the inadequacy of membership in the administrative board of Botaş and underlined the necessity of appointment of one member to be able to reach a decision concerning the issue. He emphasized that the administrative board could not meet for three months and therefore some crucial decisions such as the partnership for the Nabucco project could not be taken.

“After the appointment of the member in the administrative board, the process on the part of Botaş will soon be finalized,” he said. He expressed that the status of the GDF, which initiated partnership negotiations earlier than RWE and which is eager to be part of the project, has not changed for Turkey. “The inclusion of the seventh partner for the project depends on the conditions. The negotiations for the seventh partner could be carried out after the sixth partner is finalized. We do not have a hard line position which prevents the inclusion of the seventh partner for the project,” he said. (