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Russia’s Power Machines to build €1.8 mln gas turbines for Iran

A Russian machinery manufacturer has signed a contract with Iran to supply €1.8 million ($2.82 million) worth of power generating equipment for a heat and electric power plant, the company said on Tuesday.

The Kaluga Turbine Plant, affiliated with Power Machines (Silovye Mashiny), Russia’s leading heavy machinery manufacturer, signed a contract with Iran’s Esfahan Power Maintenance Company for the delivery of two gas expansion turbines to the Shahid Montazeri power plant, which supplies power for the city of Esfahan, about 340 kilometer south of the country’s capital, Tehran.

The turbines, each with an 8MW capacity, are to be delivered in the Q4 of 2009. “Putting the gas expansion turbines into operation, scheduled for the Q3 of 2010, will help increase the station’s capacity by 16MW and provide the city of Esfahan with additional energy,” the company said. Power Machines produces and supplies equipment for hydro, steam, gas and nuclear power plants. (