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Russia's achievements in hydrogen energy arouse great interest in Hanover

Russia's achievements in producing energy using hydrogen fostered great interest at the annual industrial fair in Hanover, Germany, said Boris Kuzyk, head of New Energy Projects, a Russian innovation company.

Kuzyk said that the company's booth attracted energy experts from the United States, China, India, Europe, Canada and other countries. Russian specialists in hydrogen energy believe their main task is carrying out research and development and designing the end product, a hydrogen power plant, in cooperation with international partners, Kuzyk said. He believes that hydrogen could be used to generate electricity for homes and businesses, provide fuel for cars, river and sea vessels and aircraft, and also serve as an autonomous source of energy for the army.

In Hanover, the company presented portable battery chargers for phones and laptops running on aluminum-hydrogen button-type batteries. These devices can be used to charge batteries in mobile phones and computers without an electricity supply and can prolong the usage time of portable devices two- to threefold. New Energy Projects is planning to take part in the World Energy Congress in Rome in November. (