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Russia to build nuclear plant in Baltic exclave with foreign help

Russia plans to build a nuclear power plant in its Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad with the participation of European companies, the head of nuclear power agency Rosatom announced on Wednesday.

Sergei Kiriyenko told reporters: “We are ready to offer foreign partners, primarily European ones, up to 49% in the Kaliningrad Nuclear Power Plant.” He said the power station will be a slightly modernized version of the Belene plant being built by Russian contractor Atomstroyexport in Bulgaria, and that foreign companies will be invited to supply equipment for the facility’s construction. The new power plant will be located 120 km from the city of Kaliningrad, and will have capacity of 2,300 MW at the first stage, which will comprise two reactors. Two further reactors could be added, depending on how the Kaliningrad Region’s economy performs, Kiriyenko said. The plant will meet the region’s electricity demands in full and create “powerful opportunities for export,” he said.

Atomstroyexport will be the main contractor of the project, and partners will be chosen in the near future. “Whoever offers the best price will be chosen to supply equipment,” Kiriyenko said. (